Growing Threat in North Korea

For many years, North and South Korea have been at a siezfire. Although a peace treaty was never signed, the two countries have seemed to be at peace with one another. But, as Kim Jong-un settles further into the position as the leader of North Korea, so does he settle into the idea of ending the seizefire. But are these threats empty? We’ve all heard this before. However, now there are signs that Kim Jong-un is quite serious on picking up the guns right where they left off. Of course, North Korea has made empt threats before. Why look at this threat any differently from the one in 1994? (BBC News) It’s true that North Korea’s leaders knows starting a nuclear war with the U.S. would be suicidal, but then again, they are continuing to break sanctions made against them by the UN.

It’s very possible for North Korea to resume war with South orea. The threats were empty and had no follow-up in previous years, but then again Kim Jong-un is a new leader trying to proe his worthiness to his newly inherited country. He has been making regular visits to military bases and inspecting less heavily gaurded parts of the North-South border. This would involve the U.S. immediately. The U.S. is also obliged to help defend and protect Japan in the post WWII Washignton-Tokyo security alliance. (BBC News)

North Korea has been pursuing nuclear weapons for a long time. Although they made an agreement with the U.S. in 1994 exchanging the development of nuclear weapons in exchange for assistance in genorating power, they again resumed secret, underground testing shortly thereafter. With each new nuclear test North Korea makes, the UN has approved a new sanction.(CNN) However, it appears they have no intentions of stoppng.

Some experts suggest that North Korea acting out is really just an attempt for the U.S. to offer a treaty. Being on edge with not knowing what is going on may potentially be dangerous to the thought of leaders around the world. They have to be extra careful not to provoke North Korea or give them a reason to resume war. (

Although in the past North Korea has not been a threat, new evidence and actions North Korea has made to indicate there may indeed be reason to worry. In any case, the instabbility of not knowing, makes the anticipation even more dangeerous.

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